BIKINI POSING ATTIRE: Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit and high heels. The bottom of the suit must be V-shaped (Scrunched). Thongs are not permitted. All suits must be in good taste. Athletes will be warned about improper suits and are advised to contact show promoter 2 weeks before the show if you are concerned your suit does not meet specifications. The fronts of the suits should not be too low and must be constructed higher. Competitors may wear jewelry.























Bikini competitors can crossover to Figure, Women’s Physique or Women's Bodybuilding.

The use of performance-enhancing substances is never permitted. All competitors must successfully pass polygraph screen prior to competition.




QUARTER TURNS/ GROUP COMPARISIONS (Pictures provided below):

Each class is brought to front center stage and is guided through Quarter Turns as a group by the head judge, to display their physique from front, side and back. 



  • Competitors face the judges. 

  • Push/Sit on hip to one side with opposite leg extended. One hand on a hip.

  • Twist is allowed if both hips and shoulders are visible from the front.

  • Typically, if a judge makes a specific request for front stance, it is just to face forward so contestants aren't twisted in various angles. 


  • Competitors face the side.

  • Hips face side of the stage. Turn your head and to look at audience/judges.

  • The back hand placed on back hip and front shoulder and arm open to the judges. 

  • Front foot can be offset with a heel lifted onto toe.




  • Competitors face the back. 

  • Both feet face the back with toes very slightly pointing out.

  • Either both hand in front of you resting on your upper thigh or down to your side. Pop your glutes out. You MAY slightly bend your knees. Locking them is not recommended, but please do not bend your knees too much as it will look like you are squatting and does not. Leaning forward excessively is NOT permitted.

  • Back is open but not overly flared. Hair should be pulled to the side, if needed, to avoid obstructing back view. Do not pinch your shoulders blades or let your shoulders roll forward.

  • Not performing pose as specified can result in head judge issuing competitor a general warning and lower scoring from judges.


















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