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MEN’S PHYSIQUE POSING ATTIRE: Competitors will compete in board shorts, with no shirt or shoes. Shorts should be just above the knee in length and can be any color and pattern but should be free of large distracting logos. Athletes will be warned about improper board shorts and are advised to contact show promoter if you are concerned it does not meet specifications. No jewelry or body accessories are permitted (except for wedding bands which are allowed).


Any of the board shorts shown in the picture below are the length and fit suggested for this class.


Judge’s Favorite Style:

(We are not affiliated with this company and in no way does the style of shorts you wear affect your placing or judging unless your shorts do not fit the criteria above.)


Men’s Physique Competitors: Men’s Physique competitors are permitted to crossover to Classic Physique or Men’s Bodybuilding. All competitors must successfully pass polygraph screen prior to competition.



QUARTER TURNS/ GROUP COMPARISIONS (Pictures provided below): Each class is brought to front center stage and is guided through quarter turns as a group by the head judge, to display their physique from front, side and back. 



  • Competitors will face the judges. 

  • Feet remain parallel but some lateral positioning of the feet is acceptable. 

  • Arms may be held at the sides or one hand on a hip. This should not look like a bodybuilding front relaxed pose. Clinching of the fists is not preferred.



  • Competitors hips face side of the stage, heads turned toward the judges. 

  • Shoulders may be turned toward the judges in order to accentuate their V-taper. 

  • One hand on a hip. Feet shall be staggered.



  • Competitors facing the back of the stage. 

  • Lats should be spread to display V-taper. 

  • Hands may be held at the sides or one hand on hip. 



For more information about Men’s Physique visit:

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